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Intermountain Orthopaedics/Lost River Cycling is the largest, most active cycling club (both competitive and recreational) in Idaho. Lost River Cycling was founded in 1996 in Mackay, Idaho by Andy Bopp. Mackay is situated along the Big Lost River and since 1984 has been the host of the Northwest's oldest mountain bike race - the White Knob Challenge. Lost River Cycling was created to promote that race and to promote mountain biking in Eastern Idaho. Andy and his family moved to Boise and brought the LRC concept and it began to grow. In the fall of 1999, Andy and Rich Brown organized the LRC race team. LRC was a new face on the Boise cycling scene and had remarkable racing success. In 2001, LRC added a co-ed club to the organization and Tyler Welshimer agreed to manage the club.

Due to the organization's growth, in 2002 a Board of Directors assumed the management of LRC. By 2003, a total of more than 100 Boise Valley cyclists were part of the Lost River family. Also, in 2003, the physicians and surgeons of Intermountain Orthopaedics took on the main sponsorship of the race squad and club and Reed Cycle in Eagle became our bike shop.

The Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling Race Team has traveled regionally but emphasizes local races. Over the years Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling Race Team has sponsored Cat 1 to Cat 5 men racers, junior men racers and Cat 1 to Cat 4 women on the road and mountain bikers from sport riders to pro racers.

That sponsorship relationship has endured. The growth has continued over the years and by 2009 IOC/LRCC had in excess of 180 club members and about 50 racers of varying categories. From Cat 1 racers to newbie 60+ women who raced for the 1st time ever in 2009 diversity is the race teams calling card. Our new association in 2009 with Community Bicycle Rides, a group that rides recreationally and trains for charity rides, has added even greater diversity to IO/LRCC. IOC/LRCC regularly has the largest group of participants of any organized club in the Treasure Valley Charity Bike rides as well as in the MS-150. The club offers year round group rides on the road and on the dirt.

This range of activities is a manifestation of the overall philosophy of LRC which is simple. We want to help people get even greater enjoyment from riding their bicycles. To do this LRC strives to provide numerous opportunities for cyclists, ranging from:

As part of its commitment to the cycling community, Lost River Cycling has done many things like:

IO/LRC was the 2006 Southwest Idaho Cycling Association Best All Around Team. Many racers have won individual titles and state championships. 2009 saw IO/LRCC take multiple wins at all levels of masters racing, including a state championship, along with wins for our expert mountain bike racers. About 50 Orange and silver racers lined up at start lines from Seattle to Salt Lake.

More than 100 Orange and Silver riders started charity rides from Colorado to California. At the same time the multiple weekly club rides averaged almost 30 riders per ride on the road and 12 riders per ride in the dirt.

Club members include 6 licensed USA Cycling officials and the manager of the USA Cycling Local Association. Many members are also active in the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, SWIMBA, The Idaho Velo Park and other advocacy organizations.