May 30-31, 2004
Racin' For Jason results

Local category 3 racer Jason Broome is currently racing against a recent diagnosis of lymphoma. The proceeds from this weekend of racing will be donated to Jason and his wife Christy to help them with the extra expenses the family is facing during Jasonís radiation and chemotherapy.

Raciní For Jason is Sponsored by and Presented Courtesy of Bown Crossing, O'Neill Enterprises and 4 z ventures.


The race is on the NEW roads in Bown Crossing. Racing is on a 2/3s of a kilometer loop on perfect pavement.
Bown Crossing is located at the east end of Park Center Boulevard in East Boise.

Entry fees:

$15 to race in one category one day

$10 to race second category for one day

$25 to race in one category both days

$15 to race second category for two days

$5 per day for third category

4th category free

Start times-Categories:

Sunday / Monday:

Noon / 10 am *All Juniors, --15 min. +3 laps

12:20 / 10:20 *Menís Cat 3 and Womenís Pro/1/2/3 --45 min.  +5 laps

1:10 / 11:10 *ALL CATS MOUNTAIN BIKE CRIT Ė20 min. +3 laps

1:35   / 11:35 *Womenís Cat 3/4 & Masterís 35+ --25 min. +5 laps

2:05   / 12:05 *Menís Cat 4/5 --45 min. +5 laps

2:55 / 12:55 *CRUISER BIKE CRIT Ė 15 min. +3 laps

3:15 / 1:15 *CITIZENíS RACE Ė 20 min. +3 laps

3:40 / 1:40 *Masterís Men 35+ and Masterís Men 45+--45 min. +5 laps

4:30 / 2:30 *Mensís Pro/1/2/3 60 min. +5 laps

PRIZE LIST:  Daily prizes to top three finishers in each race.  Overall prizes awarded on points basis in each cat. Top 5 finishers in each group get points 5/4/3/2/1. Special IRON RACER PRIZES: 1 to racer who completes the most races; 1 to racer with most total points for the weekend in all races.

SIGNUPS start 10:30 on Sunday and 9:00 am on Monday.  Pre enter by sending standard USCF release with entry fee to: LRC, 960 Broadway, Suite 420 Boise, ID 83706. (Available online at www.lostrivercycling.org) More info, contact Kurt Holzer at 890-3118 (lrc_board@lycos.com). Fields may be further combined.
USCF Permit 2004-1039

*USCF licenses needed. $5 day licenses will be available at race. Mountain Bikes must have front forks that are not locked out and knobby tires. Cruiser racers are expected to be silly as possible w/no clipless pedals.

USCF rules enforced.  Sponsoring clubs are Lost River Cycling and Team Tamarack/Goldys. This event is a cooperative effort of racers in Idahoís bike racing community including the Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling Race Team/Lost River Cycling Club, Team Tamarack/Goldyís, Team Dobbiaco, Boise Cycling Club/Team Georgeís, Boise Developmental Cycling Club, Treasure Valley Cycling Club, Lactic Acid Cycling and Snake River Cycling Club

Mechanical Support by Brianís Pro Bike & Reed Cycles

Lost River Cycling thanks all its sponsors including: Intermountain Orthopaedics, Stinker Stations, Bodybuilding.com, Big City Coffee, Reed Cycles, Murphy, Holzer & Vaughan, LLC, Good Lawyers-Who Help People, Gray & Smith Family Dentists, Boise Weekly, Parrilla Grill, Boise Co-Op, Rod & Marsha Hale, Cat Eye, Smithís Sport Optics, Thompson, Raleigh Bikes, Bell Helmets, Sock Guy and Panaracer Tires.

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